Fergus - SOLD

Although Fergus is approximately 18hh he is a complete gentleman and loves to please. He has been with us now since August 2012 and was extremely easy to break in and was at his first competition within 8 weeks of his arrival. He presented himself impeccably scoring 71.65% in his first ever Prelim. He has gone on to regularly score high scores and has now started campaigning the Novice levels.


Fergus has 3 well balanced and expressive paces and is showing a real aptitude for learning. He has started some small lateral movements and is starting to understand the concept of the idea. His mentality to his work is that of a horse years beyond his age, he rarely objects to anything asked of him and is always very pleased with himself once he has achieved something new.

Fergus is good to shoe, clip, catch, load and for his size extremely easy to handle. He is safe genuine and above all honest. As part of his education we always try and keep our horses as normal as possible using variety to help keep them interested and sane. Fergus has been introduced to pole work and has shown willingness over a fence. He has also Hacked out both across country and out on the roads. He has encountered lorries, tractors, dustbin vehicles and livestock trailers and has reacted impeccably when he has found himself in these situations.

Fergus is genuinely one to watch for the future, talented with a temperament to match his talent makes him a horse suitable for both amateur and professional riders looking to train a horse through the levels.

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